A.J.M. India Private Limited was established in 1964 in Pondicherry, India. The primary manufacturing business of the company was in the field of technical ceramics. In the early days of AJM’s history, the company was focused on producing technical ceramics for the power sector in India.

Over the years as the needs of AJM’s different clients changed, several different capabilities have been established in engineering, material science, and design. The AJM Group, established in 2004, is in a position to deliver quality products and understands customer needs.

Over the past 40 years, the group focused its operation largely in India. However, over the past decade, there have been exports to Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Middle East. The AJM Group expects impetus for the growth of the company to come from Europe and North America.


  • A.J.M. India Private Limited

    AJM specializes in technical ceramics. All material produced in AJM conforms to international standards. Currently, the materials produced are steatite, cordierite porous ceramics, and electrical porcelain. Any special need can also be developed on a turnkey basis.

  • Samvi Plastic Products

    Samvi currently focuses on pressed metal components, thermo plastics, and plastic sheet extrusion. Products made to customer specifications can also be assembled or manufactured.

  • Kamivisa Products

    Kamivisa produces absorbent wicks. This is a specialty unit and is one of the biggest wick-producing units in India.