At the AJM Group we take sustainability seriously and are engaged in the continuous process of trying to harmoniously balance the the requirements of our customers, the planet's resources all while making a positive impact on human lives.

An overview of our CSR initiatives may be found in the following sections.

CSR Initiatives 2018-2019

  1. National Energy Conservation Day - December 14 2018

  2. Road Safety Week - January 11-17 2019

  3. National Safety Week - March 4-10 2019

  4. World Water Day - March 22 2019

CSR Initiatives 2019-2020​

  1. Fire Service Week - April 14-20 2019

  2. World Environment Day - June 5 2019

  3. Road Safety Week - January 11 - 17 2020

  4. National Safety Week - March 4-10 2020

  5. Covid-19 Awareness Training - March 21 2020

  6. World Water Day - March 22 2020

  7. AJM Group CSR Initiatives - 2019-2020

CSR Initiatives 2020-2021

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  1. World Environment Day - June 5 2020
  2. Road Safety Week - January 11 - 17 2021
  3. National Safety Week - March 4-10 2021
  4. Covid-19 Awareness Training - March 19 2021
  5. World Water Day - March 22 2021
  6. AJM Group CSR Initiatives - 2020-2021

CSR Initiatives 2021-2022

  1. Fire Service Week - April 14-20 2021

  2. World Environment Day - June 5 2021
  3. National Energy Conservation Day - December 14 2021
  4. Road Safety Week - January 11 - 17 2022
  5. National Safety Week - March 4-10 2022
  6. World Water Day - March 22 2022
  7. AJM Group CSR Initiatives - 2021-2022

CSR Initiatives 2022-2023

  1. Fire Service Week - April 14-20 2022
  2. World Environment Day - June 5 2022
  3. National Energy Conservation Day - December 14 2022
  4. Road Safety Week - January 11 - 17 2023
  5. National Safety Week - March 4-10 2023
  6. World Water Day - March 22 2023


Business Ethics Policy

We strive to uphold the highest degree of business ethics by adhering to the following commitments:

  1. We will not accept or offer bribes, gifts, donations, or other improper advantages in exchange for business favors. Accordingly, we will deny all requests from vendors or buyers for personal favors and will immediately report any concerns to management.
  2. We will not participate in any actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest with our buyers or vendors. As such, we will not engage in business with individuals or companies who may derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity, including but not limited to financial interest, ownership interest, economic interest, or business interest. If a conflict of interest incident occurs, we will escalate it immediately.
  3. We will not disclose any confidential information shared with us by vendors or buyers for business purposes, including intellectual property, trade secrets, and other confidential, proprietary, and sensitive information. We will strive to safeguard all confidential information with utmost care.
  4. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations promoting free and fair competition in the markets in which we operate. We will not participate in cartelization or engage with our competitors or other business partners in ways that restrict competition or influence the market. Further, we will maintain financial records that are honest and fair as per national standards.
  5. We regard our employees as assets to our company, and will therefore ensure their health, safety, and welfare as stipulated by labor laws. We will maintain records of our compliance with labor laws. To foster a safe working environment we will comply with all facility regulations as prescribed by law and will take reasonable actions to prevent accident or injury in the workplace. Additionally, we will not engage in child labor or forced labor of any kind, including allowing child laborers on company grounds. To enforce this promise, we will require employees to provide formal identification and age documentation.
  6. We believe in fair employment practices and will therefore not discriminate against our employees based on factors including but not limited to caste, creed, race, gender, marital status, or socio-economic status.
  7. We strive to adopt sustainable, environmentally-conscious processes and procedures in our operations wherever possible. We aim to reduce our carbon emissions, water usage, and waste through enhancing the efficiency and performance of our equipment and processes.

Recruitment Policy

We regard our employees as assets of our companies. As such, we recognize the importance of selecting the most suitable applicant for all vacant positions.
In order to recruit the best and brightest talent, we will source candidates from our own network as well as through third-party recruitment agencies, if required. Our recruitment process consists of an HR interview, a written test, a technical interview, and a final interview.
As stated in our Business Ethics Policy and Corporate Pledge, we are committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. All of our recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to provide an equal opportunity to all candidates by assessing applicants based on skill, knowledge, qualifications, and capabilities. We will not consider factors such as caste, creed, race, gender, marital status, or socio-economic status in the recruitment process.

Procurement Policy

AJM Group is committed to ethical business practices, which we monitor through a  comprehensive system of internal controls. Our Procurement Policy states that the AJM Group and all affiliated individuals involved in purchasing or supply chain management must conduct procurement activities in a manner that is:

  1. Compliant with applicable laws and regulations
  2. Aligned with the AJM Group’s policies and procedures
  3. Accountable and auditable
  4. Ethical
  5. Environmentally and socially responsible
  6. Cost effective

We shall achieve this policy by adopting:

  1. Fair and transparent business practices with vendors and suppliers
  2. Fair evaluation of vendors and suppliers
  3. Reasonable selection and equal opportunities to vendors and suppliers
  4. Fair and free competition for all

Additionally, we shall not:

  1. Deal who vendors or suppliers with close kin involved in the procurement process
  2. Deal with vendors or suppliers who have a history of corruption or bribery
  3. Deal with vendors or suppliers who share confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information

Deal with vendors or suppliers who are not compliant with all applicable laws and regulations

Environment, Occupational and Safety (EOHS) Policy

At Samvi Plastic products we manufacture plastic molded parts, metal components, printed circuit boards and assemblies.

At Kamivisa Products we manufacture absorbent wicks.

We are committed to implementing our Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety (EOHS) policy in a way that is appropriate to our activities, products, and services.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Identifying activities, products, and services that may cause pollution and implementing measures to prevent, reduce, or control this pollution when technically and economically viable.
  2. Using reasonable means to prevent injury and ill-health in the workplace.
  3. Setting and periodically reviewing waste reduction, conservation, and hazard reduction objectives.
  4. Factoring in environmental considerations when designing and procuring new infrastructure and products.
  5. Complying with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to our EOHS policy.
  6. Creating continual awareness and education of EOHS policy in all employees and vendor staff.

Green Policy

The AJM Group will be conscious of our usage of natural resources, conserving resources wherever possible. We will minimize resource waste and use reusable or recyclable packaging materials. We will minimize our use of non-renewable energy sources and explore renewable energy usage to minimize our impact on the environment. We will seek to implement environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business and operations.
In order to ensure our equipment and machines are performing at their best, most resource efficient level, we will adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. We will set efficiency and schedule adherence targets to ensure we achieve and exceed our equipment and machine maintenance goals.
We will follow all appropriate protocols when handling toxic and hazardous materials, including using personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury. We will follow all applicable waste disposal laws when disposing of hazardous and toxic waste. We will report any incidents involving toxic and hazardous waste to management immediately.

Quality Policy

At the AJM Group we are committed to delivering high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe in achieving this goal by continually striving for perfection through relevant best-practices, by following established standards, by meeting statutory and regulatory requirements and with the use of technology. We also believe that quality is achieved by fostering a sense of teamwork through a solid work ethic that embodies an ever-ready and can-do attitude. To us, quality is a mantra that we permeate throughout the organization and measure with periodic and quantitative reviews of our companies and personnel.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The AJM Group expressly forbids any kind of harassment based on gender regardless of whether the offensive conduct is sexual in nature or whether it rises to the level of a legal violation.
Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome physical contact and sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, making sexually colored remarks, showing pornography or any other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.
As stated in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH), the following circumstances (whether implied or explicit), may also constitute sexual harassment:

  1. Promise of preferential treatment in employment
  2. Threat of dismissal or other consequences detrimental to employment
  3. Threat to future employment possibilities
  4. Creating an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment
  5. Humiliating treatment potentially endangering health and safety

Scope of the Law

Offices and Extended Workplace
In addition to the office, any place visited by the employee arising out of or during the course of employment, including transportation provided by the employer, will also constitute a workplace. Official events or trainings organized by the AJM Group is part of the extended workplace and subject to the POSH law.
Any persons who feels sexually harassed at the AJM Group offices can claim protection under this law. These include including employees, temporary, ad hoc employees, individuals engaged on a daily wage basis, contract workers, coworkers, probationers, trainees, and apprentices, working on a voluntary basis or otherwise, whether the terms of employment are express or implied. 

Corporate Pledge

  1. ​We shall escalate and resolve any incidents involving a conflict of interest.
  2. We shall not accept bribes, gifts, or donations in exchange for favors or business.
  3. We shall not disclose confidential, proprietary, or sensitive information.
  4. We shall promote free and fair competition, and shall not engage in anti-competitive or restrictive trade practices.
  5. We shall not engage in child labor or forced labor of any kind.
  6. We shall abide by all regulations on compensation and working hours.
  7. We shall not discriminate against employees based on caste, creed, religion, or gender.
  8. We shall maintain accurate financial records that are in compliance with accounting and financial standards.
  9. We shall comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  10. We shall engage in fair business practices with vendors and suppliers.
  11. We shall promote and support diversity in the workplace.
  12. We shall engage and involve the local community whenever possible.
  13. We shall work toward creating a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.
  14. We shall support the development of the local community through our business.
  15. We shall reduce our carbon emission and water usage wherever possible.
  16. We shall use systems and processes that are environmentally friendly and efficient.
  17. We shall decrease our usage of toxic and hazardous materials and substances.
  18. We shall dispose of toxic and hazardous materials in ways that are safe for the environment.
  19. We shall strive to use renewable energy wherever possible.
  20. We shall attempt to reduce the amount of waste we generate.
  21. We shall consume resources responsibly.
  22. We shall use use eco-friendly packaging material wherever possible.
  23. We shall implement green initiatives and practices.


  1. Conflict of Interest
  2. Favors
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Competition
  5. Child Labor
  6. Compensation
  7. Equalility
  8. Financial Records
  9. Legal and Regulatory
  10. Business Practices
  11. Diversity
  12. Community Support
  13. Health and Safety
  14. Community Development
  15. Reduction of Emission and Water
  16. Efficient Systems
  17. Toxic Materials Decrease
  18. Toxic Materials Disposal
  19. Renewable Energy
  20. Reduction of Waste
  21. Responsible Resource Consumption
  22. Packaging
  23. Green Initiatives
  24. AJM Group CSR Initiatives - 2019-2020
  25. AJM Group CSR Initiatives - 2020-2021